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  BHP Tackle :: Color-Coded Hollow Spectra® Primer

Tuf-Line Guide's Choice Indicator is a hollow, spliceable, made in USA Spectra® line. The hollow core design allows the elimination of knots by using 100% line-strength splices for the strongest main line to leader connection possible.

Indicator hollow is metered with three permanent color changes, each 10-feet long, rather than the traditional 30-feet. This allows the angler much more precise depth control for targeting suspended fish. The pattern is yellow-red-green, 10-feet each, and then repeats.

Simply count every third color repetition (30-feet) to easily determine depth. The spliced end loop starts at the beginning of the yellow meter. Drop to the next yellow, you’re at 30-feet. Drop to the next yellow, 60-feet. Add one red, you’re at 70-feet.

Splicing Tip: Wet the line…the needle will slide in much easier.

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