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Black Rubber Bands

When trolling spreaderbars or lures, #64 rubber bands can be used to attach lines to outriggers. For chunking and live bait tuna fishing, #32 rubber bands are often used to attach weights and ballons to fishing lines. For ballyhoo pin rigs, use a #8 rubber band. One pound bag; approximately 5700 #8, 800 #32, or 400 #64 rubber bands.
BHP Spectra Planer Bridles

BHP Spectra Planer Bridles connect in-line between the reel and your wind-on topshot. Hand-spliced from one piece of 500lb hollow spectra, the rig has two 5" spliced end loops and two 2" internal spliced loops which connect to your planer clips. Wind the planer up to the deck, disconnect the clips, and wind the bridle and topshot on to your reel. Manufactured from 100% USA Spectra fiber.
Double Sardine Kite Rigs

Double Sardine Kite Rigs are made from high quality components: Mustad 39943BLN or Eagle Claw L2004 hooks with welded-rings; 200lb mono or fluoro 36" legs, and Nicopress bench crimps. The rig ends with a 300lb ballbearing swivel with delrin grommets for easy main line connection. Click on the item# to select options.
Double Sardine Rig Swivels

BHP Double Sardine Rig Swivels feature a 500lb Momoi Rotary ball-bearing swivel, with a Rosco TIG-welded ring and two delrin grommets. Securely crimp mono or fluoro leaders up to 400lb test to the grommets; no chafe gear required. Rotary swivel turns freely on both ends. Allows live baits to swim easily with no tangles.
Magnum Ring & Grommet

Magnum Ring & Grommet provides a fail-safe connection between leader and swivel. Grommets are made from delrin, will not corrode, and prevents leader chafing. Welded rings are made from Rosco 302 stainless steel. Standard Magnums accept leaders up to 400lb. Super Magnums accept leaders 400lb to 900lb. Welded in USA by Rosco.
Magnum Swivel & Grommets

Magnum 300lb test ballbearing swivel with 2 welded rings and delrin grommets at each end. Flat black teflon coating outlasts plating and provides long lasting corrosion protection. Crimp main line and leader tight to grommets and eliminate chafe gear; perfect for chunking connections. 130lb test line and above.
Eagle Claw L2004 Ringed Circle Hooks

Eagle Claw L2004 offset ringed circle hooks feature Rosco heavy-duty stainless rings, heliarc welded by Sampo. This Circle Sea hook is lazer sharp with a black pearl finish. Welded rings allow for more realistic live bait presentation and even distribution of force on the eye. Click on the item # to select quantity. Available in 6/0 - 11/0.
Lead Swivels

1000lb test lead longline swivels are a great addition to any shark or swordfish rig. These are rated at 1000lb test and weigh 3 ounces. Rigged in-between your wind-on and terminal rig, they allow baits to sink out slowly and form a great handle when gaining control of a fish at boat side. Package of 3.
Nicopress Sleeves

Dual oval copper Nicopress sleeves make a strong connection without leader crossing over itself inside the sleeve. Compress with cup style crimping tool. Select correct sleeve based on leader diameter. B1:.90mm-1.05mm B4:1.2mm-1.45mm C:1.6mm-2.05mm G:2.45mm-2.86mm. Click the item# to select bright or black finish. Click for the Nicopress Sleeve Chart.
T-Bar Reel Handles

Tiburon T-Bar reel handles are ergonomically designed to provide maximum cranking power with minimum fatigue. The fixed 18-degree angle aligns the hand, wrist and forearm in a perfect vector for gaining line on the reel. Models available to fit all popular big game reels.
Smitty's Special Rod Belt

The Smitty’s Special Rod Belt is hand crafted from the finest materials available. The 1/8” aluminum plate is polyurethane powder-coated; the center insert is also polyurethane and virtually indestructible. The gimble pin is crafted from 308 stainless steel. Heavy neoprene padded backing allows you to fight large fish with comfort. Smitty’s Belts come with a web belt that can be removed when connected to a harness. Available in two sizes: large is best for smaller individuals; extra large is best for average sized men and women. Click on the item # to select color and size.

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