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Cutting & Crimping Tools

Ideal Spectra® Scissors
Jinkai MC-A Mono Cutter
Jinkai MC-T Mono Cutter
Nicopress 1-VC1 Cable Cutter
Nicopress 17-BA Crimping Tool
Nicopress 17-B4B Crimping Tool
Nicopress 33V-CGB4 Crimping Tool
Nicopress 510 Bench Crimper
HT-450 Hand Swaging Tool
HT-750 Bench Crimper
Hollow Splicing Needles

DaHo Hollow Needle Kits
DaHo Loop Needles
DaHo Reverse Latch Needles
Smitty Hollow Needle Kit
Smitty Latch Needle Kit
BHP Needle Wallet
Serving Tools & Supplies

Beiter Winder Profi Serving Tools
BCY Bearpaw Serving Tool
Spectra Serving Threads
Seal-Tite Serving Wax
Marlow Whipping Twine

Tacglue™ Tactical Adhesive
Insta-Flex CA Adhesive
Zap Pink CA Adhesive
Bond One Adhesive
Pliobond Adhesive
BHP Micro-Tips
Topshot Spools

#330-350-370 white spools
#621-631-641 white spools
Wind-On Leader Jigs

BHP Bench Wind-On Jig
BHP Portable Wind-On Jig
Wind-On Leader Videos

DVD, Book & Links

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