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Triangle SC125

Tackle shops and avid anglers are investing in the SC125, a tough, medium duty commercial grade linewinder. Known for its "super-control", this model has greater speed control, faster winding speed and more torque at the spindle. Capable of accepting smaller, wider and larger reels, it also offers enhanced stability and motor overload protection. Full two year warranty on parts and labor. Optional brake assembly available; click on the item #.
Triangle HD140

The HD140 is the linewinder of choice for high-end tackle shops and sport-fishing boats. This heavy-duty unit is capable of handling any size reel reliably. Although primarily designed to handle big-game reels, the HD140 can also be used to wind spinning reels and bait casting reels of all sizes. The high-torque output shaft, adjustable disk-brake system, and fine level-wind assembly will pack spectra tightly and evenly. Accommodates up to 10lb spools. Click on the item # to select options.

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