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Jerry Brown's Line One Braided Hollow Spectra® Fishing Line

Spectra braided fiber fishing lines have gained widespread acceptance over the last few years. Here are a few reasons why anglers worldwide are switching to Spectra:

Spectra fishing line has very low stretch. Fish bites are easily felt and the hook-set is quick and sure. Spectra has a very high strength-to-diameter ratio, which means you can spool more line at a greater breaking strength onto a reel than you can with standard monofilament.

Spectra is less than 1/3 the diameter of monofilament of the same line test. It is extremely flexible and so strong for its weight that it is used in the construction of bulletproof vests. The line has a very long life, will not rot and is not damaged by UV sunlight, unlike monofilament line. Spectra has no memory, will not swell in water or lose strength when wet.

With these numerous advantages there had to be some disadvantages, perhaps the greatest being that Spectra fibers are opaque, therefore may be visible to some fish. The solution of adding a length of less-visible monofilament or fluorocarbon topshot resulted in the search for a knot that would hold the two different materials together, without one harming the other when stressed against the rigors of landing a quality game fish.

Albright and bimini knots were required to connect monofilament with the first generation of solid Spectra fishing lines, but these bulky knots are difficult to tie correctly and never are close to 100% line strength. Line One Hollow Spectra® fishing line has overcome this bulky transitional knot problem and offers additional unique advantages.

Line One: Hollow Spliceable Line

The continuous braid hollow design of Line One Hollow Spectra® allows use of the "finger trap" method for monofilament topshot connection. The specific method of splicing hollow lines together, as well as creating 100% spliced end loops are illustrated elsewhere on this site, but the simplest connection is to insert monofilament line of the proper diameter directly into hollow Spectra for a sufficient length to cause one line to "bite" when pulled against the other, forming the "finger trap".

The gripping properties of hollow Spectra can be used to splice end loops that pass through rod guides almost undetected. The low diameter properties of hollow Spectra allows construction of topshots and wind-on leaders, using the Spectra to form ultra-low profile end loops, far stronger than commercially available leaders made with bulkier Dacron loops. These topshots and wind-on leaders can then be connected to the hollow Spectra main line on a fishing reel via a loop-to-loop connection, giving the angler a 100% strength, knotless connection. Line One Hollow Spectra® also allows for the almost invisible splicing of additional lengths of hollow Spectra, providing the ability to replace a damaged section of line with a 100% splice.

Line One Braided Hollow Spectra® fishing line can be custom spooled to any length to fit your reels. Please refer to the Reel Capacity Guide for further information, or email with any questions.

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