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Jerry Brown's Line One Hollow Spectra is offered in a variety of spool lengths and colors. Spliced end loops are also available and will be placed at the bottom of the spool. Please select color and loop options by clicking directly on the item#. Custom length spools available on request.

Jerry Brown 300lb Hollow Spectra
Item # Length Diameter Test Price  
HS0050Y300 50 yards 1.06mm 300lb $20.00
HS0075Y300 75 yards 1.06mm 300lb $27.50
HS0100Y300 100 yards 1.06mm 300lb $39.00
HS0150Y300 150 yards 1.06mm 300lb $54.50
HS0200Y300 200 yards 1.06mm 300lb $72.50
HS0300Y300 300 yards 1.06mm 300lb $109.00
HS0600Y300 600 yards 1.06mm 300lb $184.50
HS0750Y300 750 yards 1.06mm 300lb $231.00
HS1000Y300 1000 yards 1.06mm 300lb $307.50
HS1200Y300 1200 yards 1.06mm 300lb $369.00

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