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Dual oval nickel-plated copper Nicopress sleeves make a strong connection without leader crossing over itself inside the sleeve. Compress with cup style crimping tool. Select correct sleeve based on leader diameter. B1:.90mm-1.05mm B4:1.2mm-1.45mm C:1.6mm-2.05mm G:2.45mm-2.86mm. 50-sleeve packs. Click the item# to select bright or black finish. Click for the Nicopress Sleeve Chart.

Nicopress Sleeves 500-Pack
Item # Length Diameter Test Price  
NICO-B1-500 1/32 0.90-1.05mm 80lb-100lb $71.95
NICO-B4-500 3/64 1.20-1.45mm 130lb-250lb $89.95
NICO-C1-500 1/16 1.60-2.05mm 250lb-400lb $116.95
NICO-G1-500 3/32 2.45-2.86mm 500lb-600lb $152.95

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