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BHP Trolling Topshots are suited for offshore and canyon anglers. Available in 50, 100, 150, and 200-yard lengths, these quick-change topshots are ideal for trolling, chunking, and deep-drop fishing where a longer topshot is preferred. Offered in a variety of monofilaments and colors, these topshots can be ordered with a spectra loop on both ends for easy connection to a wind-on leader.

BHP Topshots - Berkley Big Game Monofilament

Berkley Trilene Big Game monofilament has a unique combination of tensile strength, low diameter, and shock resistance for a premium saltwater fishing line. Berkley Trilene Big Game is an excellent high performance fishing line with outstanding knot strength and manageability. Available in clear and steel blue.
BHP Topshots - Izorline Monofilament

Izorline premium fishing line provides the ultimate in strength, dependability, durability, high abrasion resistance, and low stretch. Izorline First String is a favorite of the San Diego long range anglers who battle giant yellowfin tuna. Topshots made from Izorline First String and Izorline XXX are available.
BHP Topshots - Jinkai Monofilament

JINKAI is a nylon copolymer monofilament line. Extruded in a patented process, it is extremely pliable, yet provides incomparable strength in micro-fine diameters. JINKAI has a unique combination of qualities: flexibility, low stretch, powerful tensile and knot strength, and unequaled resistance to abrasion.
BHP Topshots - Momoi Monofilament

Momoi's nylon monofilament is an extremely high quality fishing line. Characteristics include excellent abrasion resistance, low stretch and high knot strength. It exhibits low memory, is soft and flexible while maintaining a high tensile strength. Topshots made from Momoi Diamond and Momoi Hi-Catch are available.
BHP Topshots - P-Line CXX Monofilament

P-Line CXX X-TRA STRONG is an advanced copolymer fishing line with a superior abrasion-resistant coating and extremely high knot and breaking strength. CXX stands up to the roughest structure and the strongest fish, making it popular with long-range anglers.
BHP Topshots - Sufix Superior Monofilament

Sufix Superior is a premium grade copolymer monofilament that has quickly become the choice of charter captains and tournament anglers due to its consistent, reliable performance. Superior provides great tensile strength, superior knot tying integrity and controlled stretch. Available in clear, smoke blue, and hi-vis yellow.
BHP Topshots - Soft Steel Ultra Monofilament

Soft Steel Ultra is a unique monofilament that is ultra thin and supple, yet super strong with a high abrasion resistance factor, superior knot and wet strength, and extremely low memory. Soft Steel Ultra is a finesse line that should be fished right at its rating.

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