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BHP Deep Drop Swordfish Wind-On Leaders are made with Momoi Hi-Catch monofilament and delivered on 9" Cuban hand reels to minimize line memory. The double-spliced loop is made from tough 16-carrier braided SpectraŽ. Available in 100-150-200 foot lengths. Select mono options by clicking directly on the item #.

BHP Deep Drop Swordfish Wind-On Leader
Item # Length Diameter Test Price  
SWO100F200 100 feet 1.40mm 200lb $26.95
SWO100F250 100 feet 1.60mm 250lb $28.95
SWO100F300 100 feet 1.80mm 300lb $30.95
SWO150F200 150 feet 1.40mm 200lb $29.95
SWO150F250 150 feet 1.60mm 250lb $31.95
SWO150F300 150 feet 1.80mm 300lb $33.95
SWO200F200 200 feet 1.40mm 200lb $32.95
SWO200F250 200 feet 1.60mm 250lb $34.95
SWO200F300 200 feet 1.80mm 300lb $36.95

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