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Momoi's nylon monofilament is an extremely high quality fishing line. Characteristics include excellent abrasion resistance, low stretch and high knot strength. It exhibits low memory, is soft and flexible while maintaining a high tensile strength. Wind-Ons made from Momoi's Hi-Catch, Diamond, and X-HARD are available.

BHP Wind-On Leaders - Momoi Diamond Monofilament

Momoi's Diamond nylon monofilament has a tougher finish and offers superior knot strength and abrasion resistance for extreme conditions. New formulation offers tensile strengths up to 200% of stated line tests. Diamond has slightly higher diameter than Momoi Hi-Catch for each line class.
BHP Wind-On Leaders - Momoi Hi-Catch Monofilament

Momoi's Hi-Catch nylon monofilament is an extremely high quality line produced using strict quality controls. It exhibits low memory, is very soft and flexible while maintaining a high tensile strength to diameter ratio. Smaller diameter lines with high tensile strength result in larger reel capacity when fighting hard charging game fish.
BHP Wind-On Leaders - Momoi X-Hard Monofilament

Momoi's X-HARD nylon is the ultimate leader material when extremely high tensile strength and abrasion resistance are required. X-HARD is produced from HG-12 nylon with a hard outer coating to resist abrasion and for those applications when a denser, stiffer leader is required. X-HARD has minimal water absorption making it a very popular leader for targeting billfish and sharks.

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